Rebar, Bubbleway, Bulletin Place

Bubbleway is a modular, inflatable social furniture system designed for Laneways 2011. Rebar have created oversized modular units using inflatable plastic exercise balls enclosed in a brightly colored ballistic nylon fabric skin. Soft, colorful and inviting, Bubbleway provides both a visual and tactile contrast to the typical urban hardscape and introduces features not often found in public space: large, pillowy spaces suitable for lounging and relaxing. Bubbleway modules can be reconfigured and adapted to support a variety of social interactions; from chill lounge spaces to festival furniture. Bubbleway was created to enhance public space, and to support new forms of informal social interactions and play. Calling back to the times when Bulletin Place would have been a site for creative interaction with its art publishing houses and artist studios, Bubbleway will provide a space for social interaction. And likewise, it will provide a place for respite in Bulletin Place for the surrounding workers.