PAUL CLIPSON - Summer 2013


Saturday, August 3rd from 7-9
at 280 Orange Alley in San Francisco
(behind Valencia Street near 26th)

The films of Paul Clipson, Encyclopedia Pictura, Giselle Brewton and Lorelei Pepi are viewed through a small dime-sized peephole on the side of a victorian cottage using a secret mirror apparatus on the side of a house in an otherwise unnoticeable tiny hole.    The films will be looped and screened in the peephole 24 hours a day for the month of August.  The “cinema” is, of course,  made to be seen one-person-at-a-time.  The entire group of films can be seen in a loop of 15 minutes.

The themes of the films –the internal, searching, and the microscopic resonate with the peephole in the spirit of discovery and the unnoticed.  The beautiful four films are all silent, short and non-narrative.

Special guests will include; a vat of delicious sangria, hand-made camera obscuras, special vending machines, and background films of Fernand Leger, Maya Deren, Pat O’Neill and more.



Peephole Cinema is a small benevolent gesture, one which offers an element of surprise and delight to the public realm. It exists as a peephole; an alternative venue for art, which showcases experimental film in a publically accessible manner 24/7.