Monica Canilao, Home Mender

Curated by Justine Topfer, commissioned by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities' 5 x 5 initiative. The Old Police Evidence Warehouse

Monica and her crew traversed the country gathering discarded refuse and recycled material to create Home Mender - a cacophony of color, texture and movement. This surreal installation, transported the viewer to a dreamlike world. Imbued with a warm handmade aesthetic, and Native American references, Home Mender breathed new life into this hard edged space. A space, which until recently, housed the remnants of federal crime, the weight of which is still palpable.

Monica Canilao travels internationally creating new forms from salvaged objects and weathered images. Her large fabric structures, installations and sculptures revitalize broken-down forms and celebrate the spirit of mutual aid and resourcefulness of marginalized communities. Her colors of parchment, wood, ore, rot and smoke mimic signs of decay and the stains of age and use. Using intricately layered organic and constructed materials, Monica’s pieces pay homage to traditional handicraft as well as fine art.