Magda Sayeg, Untitled, Sussex Lane

Magda Sayeg, now widely recognised as the world-wide founder of the knit graffiti movement, began by taking knitting out of the home and into the streets. The simple juxtaposition of woven material placed within an urban environment has inspired a new generation of knitters who no longer view function as the sole purpose for knitting. This new approach to knitting questions the assumptions of a traditional craft while adding a previously unused material to the world of street art. When Magda Sayeg began Knitta in 2005, it was her response to the dehumanizing qualities of the urban environment in which she lived.

By inserting a handmade aesthetic into a landscape of concrete and steel, she infuses warmth and humanity that otherwise rarely exists. Her work causes people to stop and take a moment to consider their surroundings in a new way. In a world of factory-produced items, her work is an unexpected and delightful surprise.

Sussex Lane resonates with a vibrant hum as a result of the congeniality of Sayeg’s work. By anchoring the lane with the covered bollards, passers by will be drawn in and the covered staircase will pull pedestrians through the intimate space and make them experience it in a new and way. Her artwork highlights the inherent charm and character of the laneway without interfering with its intended function and history.