Design Renegade

Detour 2012: Design Renegade directs the attention of the public to explore our “right to the city.”1 

An outstanding group of artists and designers from Hong Kong and around the globe have been rallied to imagine how Hong Kong’s public space would look and feel if it were designed for our health and wellbeing, to support the sharing of resources and generosity, versus competition and profit. The exhibition’s curators have challenged artists, designers and the public to seek niches and loopholes in the social and spatial fabric of the city and to exploit these loopholes for public benefit, benevolence and delight. The exhibition’s participants become agents of urban change: design renegades. 

Design Renegade is about using small scale and temporary moves to test new ideas, informing Hong Kong’s long-term urban planning efforts. Playful and experimental interventions spark new possibilities and guide us toward a more compassionate urban experience. Through the cultural collision of local and international participants, the artists of Design Renegade expand our ways of reading and understanding the city. 

1. David Harvey (2008). “The Right to the City”. New Left Review 53: pp.23-40.

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